Tinig ng Pastol: CHRISTMAS MESSAGE OF THE MOST REV. DENNIS C. VILLAROJO, D.D., Bishop of Malolos (12.25.22)

We celebrate Christmas every year, but it brings joy to our hearts every time it comes. Our celebrations are diverse, that's why many families and friends come together on this occasion. Over the years, people become more creative in celebrating it, wherever we go we can feel Christmas especially with the decorations that stir our moods.

But the world's preoccupation with the celebration of Christmas can change the meaning of Christmas and we can forget what is really celebrated here. On the first Christmas, there were no decorations, no happy party, but there God fulfilled his promise that he would not abandon us. Since the beginning, God has been traveling to his people, from the time of our first parents, the patriarchs and the prophets, but at the right time, God highlighted the journey to his people, he sent the his only and beloved Son, to travel with us and rescue us from our entanglement in sin. So Christmas is the journey of God to our people.

In our Diocese, the journey as a people is also highlighted through our Pastoral Plan for this liturgical year with the theme "BINDING TOGETHER TO CHRIST." Jesus is the God who travels with us, so anyone who follows him should also know how to travel with his neighbor.
This Christmas, I pray that the true spirit of Christmas will not be lost from our consciousness, and I wish that our community will flourish more in traveling with others so that we can get closer to the Lord together.

A Merry Christmas to you all!


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