Sandigang Kaalaman: ANG BELEN (12.21.22)


(Serye ng Katesismo ukol sa diwa ng Liturhiya sa panahon ng Adbiyento at Kapaskuhan)

The 'belen' is a significant Christian heritage in the world in relation
of Christmas Nativity. This call is also based on our translation on behalf of city ​​where Jesus was born: in Bethlehem of Judea (Mt 2:5).

In the Hebrew language, the name "Bethlehem" means "house (bet)
of bread (lehem).” There Jesus was born, the Bread of Life (Jn 6:35).
The construction of the Nativity scene began with San Francisco of Assisi, on 25 December, 1223, when he prepared a manger with a donkey and an ox, in a
man named John, while he was in Greccio (Italy). It is to
"long live the memory of the baby born in Bethlehem" (Admirabile signum, 2).

The simplicity of Bethlehem makes us feel the tender love of
God, who embraces our poverty. This is also the reason it spread so quickly
this image, and became a fruitful way of preaching the Good News.
The personnel who accompany the baby at birth are personnel mentioned in the
account of the birth of Jesus, found in the Gospels according to
to Saint Matthew and Saint Luke.

Let's go to Bethlehem! (Lk 2:15) Here, we will meet God, who shared the
all to Him, and will not leave us alone (Admirabile signum, 10).

Catechism from Rev. Fr. Joselin L. San Jose


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