Sandigang Kaalaman: ANG CHRISTMAS TREE (12.05.2022)

(Serye ng Katesismo ukol sa diwa ng Liturhiya sa panahon ng Adbiyento at Kapaskuhan)


The "Christmas Tree" is one of the symbols of Christmas. When the day of the Nativity of the Lord approaches, we arrange Christmas Trees in our homes, parks and other places. Its colorful decoration reminds us of the joy caused by the birth of Christ.

We can root the beginning of the Christmas Tree in the tree of Paradise. In the so-called mystery play of the medieval ages, a tree decorated with apples and wafers is used as its setting. The apple represents the forbidden fruit and the wafer represents the Holy Eucharist and the salvation brought by Christ.

Likewise, in countries that experience snow, many trees and plants lose their leaves due to the cold. Trees called evergreens stay green so they are decorated with lights and decorations. It became a symbol of life and enlightenment resulting from the birth of Christ in the world.
Nowadays, gifts are also placed under the Christmas Tree as part of its decoration. We are reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ was the first to give Himself so we also learn to share and give to each other.

The Christmas Tree is indeed very meaningful. It is not only a decoration every Christmas that makes us happy but also reminds us of God's kindness and the salvation that Jesus Christ has given us.

Diocesan Commission on Liturgy

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