Diocese promotes Youth Café

Diocese of Malolos


CAFÉ LOLEK is an income-generating coffee shop operated by the Commission on Youth of the Diocese of Malolos. It helps sustain the diocesan youth programs of the commission focusing on the 4 pillars of formation – Human, Spiritual, Social Consciousness, and Pastoral. It supports our youth representative/s to subsidize their expenses on various local, regional, national and/or international youth gatherings. Through this program, the Commission can support our privileged students and volunteers on their school expenses. This place serves as a venue for youth groups, on gathering and sharing their stories, brainstorming, and also for plain conversations. It is an avenue where they can inspire others to be involved in the youth ministry on their respective parishes through continuous meetings that builds camaraderie and companionship. CAFÉ LOLEK also serves as a place to promote different church programs and activities that helps to strengthen our Christian faith.

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