MALOLOS CITY – Last November 23, Friday, the Diocese of Malolos rejoiced at the official closing of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons in the Diocese of Malolos. The program and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist was held at Malolos Sports and Convention Center in this city.

Tribute to the Clergy and Religious

The clergy and religious communities of the Diocese of Malolos began the celebration with a Holy Mass led by Cubao Bishop and Malolos Apostolic Administrator. Various activities were held to honor the priests and religious serving the local communities in the Diocese. The Diocesan Council of the Laity (affiliated to the Sangguniang Layko ng Pilipinas) under Bro. Amorsolo Urrutia addressed a thanksgiving message to the clergy and religious for their service to the community. Fr. Danilo S. Bermudo, from the Levites Priest Band offered songs during the program wherein gifts were given by lay people to the priests. Ongtioco and Episcopal Vicar Msgr. Andres S. Valera also gave the religious communities special tokens of bas reliefs of La Virgen de Inmaculada Concepcion de Malolos and led a thanksgiving raffle for the priests and religious by vicariate

How to continue Christ’s work?

In a spiritual conference given to the priests and religious by Fr. Dave T. Concepcion, serving as Parish Priest of St. Maria Gorretti Parish, Manila, gave an inspirational talk during the program. He noted on the four things priests and religious need to reflect on to continue imitating Jesus as a Church. He said, “How do we continue Christ’s work? We need to ponder on four steps: 1.) What do we need to do?; 2.) What we do, we do out of love; 3.) When we do out of love, we increase our faith in God; and 4.) When we act out of love, we always think of what we should hope for.”

The Diocese of Malolos has more than 200 priests serving in 110 parishes covering the Province of Bulacan and the Valenzuela City. It also as a large number of religious communities under the Association of Consecrated Persons of the Diocese. (Kendrick Ivan B. Panganiban & Jonalyn M. Villafuerte)

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